Mini Skid Services: Choose From 15 Powerful Attachments. Stump Grinding w/cleanup

  • Machine(s) & Operator come to you!
  • SK1050 Ditch Witch or Toro STX-38 Stump Grinder
  • Your choice of up to 15 powerful attachments
  • Choose target day from our online schedule
  • Stump Grinding with optional chip cleanup
  • Aggressive hourly rates. Up to 6 hrs. per day
  • Fully insured and licensed

Lawn Aeration and Restoration

  • Stinger Quad-Aer 3000 with Smart Seeder & JRCO Broadcast Spreader attachment for fertilizing or lime
  • 30 inch wide core aeration deck
  • Core Aeration with overseeding done in 1 pass
  • Smart electronic controlled seeder
  • Dethatching with sweeper & thatch removal
  • Full turf restorations (w/mini skid)
  • Topsoil or Mulch Drop and Spread services

Snowblowing Services No Driveway Damage!

  • Snowblowing and snowbrushing service
  • No pick up truck plows & no salt applied ever!
  • Snow blasted 40 ft.  No snow plow piles remain!
  • Optional power brush down to the blacktop
  • “Seasonal” and “On Demand” type agreements
  • Service runs Dec 1st to April 30th
  • Only poly snow blower skid shoes & poly scrape blades (no metal)
  • Boundary markers placed.
  • Avoid expensive asphalt or vegetative damage!

Dump Trailer Service & Log Splitting Service

  • Maneuverable 5′ x 10′ sure trac dump trailer – (w/haul and dumping service)
  • 4200 lb. hydraulic dump capacity or (2-3 cu. yards)
  • Log Splitting service w/35 Ton Log Splitter Attachment (w/reverse grab) 4 way blade.
  • Optional round relocation and hand stacking
  • Cement jackhammering and removal

Backyard Backup Services, LLC.

  • Serving Northern New Jersey Since 2014
  • 5 Star Rated & Reviewed
  • Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Professional Operator
  • HIC License # 13VH08487800
  • NJ DEP Certified Fertilizer Applicator # C007364
  • Local Business – Independently Owned And Operated.


Core Aeration

Drop Seeding

118446_4_XT8 drop seeder front view


Fertilizing & Lime




Compost Top Dressing


Astroturf Powerbrush Service


Mini Skid Soil Cultivating


Rock Removal From Soil


Complete Lawn Renovations


Mulch or Topsoil Drop & Spread

Scotts – All Natural Weed Prevention Avoid Chemical Herbicide! (use 99.8% Corn Gluten Meal)  Adds Nitrogen, 100% Safe For Kids/Pets & Honey Bees.  3 Year Plan!  Spring & Fall Spreading – Prevents Weed Germination & Greens.

Soil Preparation For Laying Sod

Man laying sod for new garden lawn

What Makes Our Turf Services Different And Better?

Similar services offered by our competition often require a yearly landscape contract.  In contrast our customers get to choose online exactly when they want us.   Our customers reserve their day and start time from our online booking calendar and choose from an extensive “Service Category” menu.  We operate the latest state-of-the-art lawn restoration and mini skid steer equipment.  We bring years of landscape contracting experience.  Our stand on Stinger Quad-Aer 3000 Core Aerator is a unique and versatile machine.  Fast and maneuverable, the Quad Aer 3000 core aerates while it drop seeds in 1 precise pass.  30 inch smart seeding capability is accomplished using an electronically controlled drop seed box.  This smart drop seed box virtually eliminates wasted or misdirected seed.  By evenly distributing expensive seed directly in core plug holes our machine provides unsurpassed results.  Our aerator also carries a JRCO Broadcast Spreader giving our modified Stinger the ability to fertilize or lime the entire lawn on its second pass.  Our stand on aerator easily pulls a towable 42 inch wide Brinly Dethatcher/Sweeper.  This Dethatcher scrapes up and collects 1/2 inch of thatch debris.  Aerate And Lawn Restoration is a NJ DEP Certified Fertilizer Applicator.  Our online booking and and email invoicing system gives our customers the scheduling control they want and makes ordering and payment fast, safe and convenient.  Read our reviews and experience our 5 Star Service provided without the contract.  –  Edward C. Meyerhoefer – Backyard Backup Services Owner.

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Request - An In Person Site Visit.

Send us in an in person visit request!  We target and travel to customers as far as the green radius area indicated on the map to the left.  If you’re within our business circle we quickly will respond to your request with a date and time we can stop by to examine your lawn to determine your needs. If you’re a bit outside our circle we may make a special exception.  Note: in person site visits often are scheduled on Saturdays and after 3pm.  You do not need to be home.  We’re happy to call your cell when we arrive to discuss your lawn.  (a calculated gas fee may apply to any exceptions that fall outside our area)  Lime and fertilizing services will require the results from a soil test. Test must be performed results before booking online. Test takes 1-2 weeks please go to:  Soil kit is $29.99